Sunday, December 31, 2006

This is the friendship blocks our local quilters individually finished in 2003/2004. After sitting around the craft rooms for about two and a half / three years unfinished, I decided to make it into a complete top. There are only two of us original quilters left in town so it is a nice reminder of friendships once shared. I have sent it off to be professionally quilted( someone else is paying for it, hence the extravagance) and then I will bind it. I hope to contact all eight participants to show them. Once I finish it, it will then go back to the craft rooms for future generations to admire

This is my very first paying, commissioned quilt. After making dozens for family, friends, friends of friends, people I have never met someone is paying me. Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


....................Another project my very talented Mad Quilter friend shared with me. She is amazing at sharing her finds. Even though we are now at different ends of the country and I miss her heaps the computer helps me stay in contact with her and her family

table runner

This is one of the table runners I have been making. This one is actually for me (not a present for my umpteen family and friends). My friend Tracy at Mad Quilter gave me the original pattern which I simplified a bit on this project. I will just have to finish it now. My new years resolution. No more UFO's! Yeah right. LOL

A Teddy for my Godson

I decided to try my hand at teddy bear making so I can give my godson his very first teddy. I got this as a quilt and with lots of assistance from my friend Janelle have been able to complete it. And yes I am hook and am going to try and make some more as soon as Janelle returns from holidays

My very special girl

Meet Levi. She is ten years old but thinks she is one or two. I just love her to bits

sweet potato

Living in the harsh Northern territory climate growing plants is an on going battle. This is my very unusual sweet potato. Not quite sure what happened

crochet hand towel

I have never been much of a knitter or crochet person however after my friend Jackie giving me a not so gentle push I decided to give it a go. Six towels later Jackie and my mum are very proud of me. Mum is a long time knitting and crocheter and Jackie has been wanderful in sharing tips and techniques. I should thank Jackies mum also

Hand towels

The very cute towels made lovely christmas presents, teamed with handmade soap or hand wash. I made them from face washes and scraps of fabric. Everyone from mums to little boys enjoyed getting their very own hand towels. Have a look at my crotchet section for a different take on these

Getting started at blog world

My friend convinced me to give this a whirl and I have to admit I have no idea what Im doing. If you read this and think what????? please think how I feel thinking what?????????????