Saturday, August 9, 2008

My 50th

These are a few of the photos from my 50th birthday. I have never felt so loved and special, even after my sister inlaw dress me in bunny ears and tail. I had an amazing night with family and friends who travelled from all over Australia.
My boys Roland and Scott did a fabulous job and worked extremely hard to make this the night of nights. The pictures above are the venue, my gold chain from the Flanagans that has a photo of my 2 boys lasered on it and the last ones are some of my family and some of the special kids in my life.
My two special boys, Kadyn and Kane helped me cut the cake.
My very good friend Annie Dejong made my signature bear which has travelled to Brisbane to have Chrissy sign it.
Chelsea did a great job of the delicious cake.
I received many other well wishes from family and friends that were unable to be with me but were definately in my heart.
Roland my son flew from Adelaide to Darwin with adopted son John then drove to TC with my other son Scott, Mum travelled from Mackay,sister Pat and husband Heinie flew from Melbourne to Alice Springs then drove 515 kls to TC, brother David and wife Beth drove from Mackay, Aunty Dot and Uncle Jim drove from Mooroopna, Aunty Marian, Uncle Fred and Catherine drove from Jimboomba, The Henwood family from James Town, Russell, Zoe my adopted daughter and Kane the adopted son from Brisbane, Trish and Charlie from Borroloola, Penny, Eden and baby Kiari drove from Darwin. Of the 6 kids that I refer to as my children 5 were able to attend. There was also a number of local friends who attended to make it a perfect night. Naturally there were those that couldnt make it and I missed having them with me. Chrissy, Beau, the Green family, Yvonne, Patrick just to name a few.
One huge highlight was my very first card from my English Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

Tennant Creek Show

This is a couple of photos of entries from the Tennant Creek show. The purple quilt is the one I made for my sister inlaw and it won Champion exhibit in needle work and also needle work best sewing....yes i am still feeling very pleased with myself. The red quilt I actually sold to a lady for what is was worth. I am absolutely soaring...........Also pictured are some of my pen and oil paintings. It was a great compliment to sell the quilt and also get the champion exhibit. I also had a very high offer on the purple quilt but would not sell as it was a present. Do I have a big head. Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!