Wednesday, March 12, 2008

frogs, frogs and more frogs

As I am currently on 3 weeks holidays, I am taking the opportunity to practise my folk art. I decided not to go away but stay home and do some craft and gardening. I spent 2 full days working on these frogs and Im really please with the results. The set of three I have completed two sets as I wanted one for myself and one for my sister inlaw Robyn. The pattern came from Wendy Groves in Mandurah WA. The frogs get mounted to the wall and look stunning. Well at least Wendys did ggg

cannot decide which way to do the quilt

I cannot decide which lay out to chose for this quilt for my sister inlaw Carol. I have made it up to 4 panels and keep playing with the layout. I have recently done a red around the world so Im keen to do a different one. The above 4 pictures are my choices.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have been busy just not at taking photos

These are the some of the projects I have been working on over the last few months. The first is a quilt that my sister inlaw Robyn asked me to make for her sister and my sister inlaw Carol. It is showing a little blue in the photo when the fabric is actually purple. I have decided to do a couple of quilts using the round the world techniques, however each one will have a different lay out and colour way. I have completed a red one that can be seen in earlier photos. Photo number 2 are the finished fabric bowls that I am putting away for birthday and christmas presents. The last photo is of some pen and ink drawings I am working on. I will publish close ups when they are finished. I also have some embroidery on the go. I must say I like having several different projects on the go at once. It allows me the freedom to relax and enjoy all my favorite crafts.