Thursday, January 1, 2009

The return of my creative bug

I thought I would spend my two days off getting back into crafting. Wanting to be organised I thought I would finish the one or two UFOs and then attack my scrap fabric bin and make a scrap quilt. BAD mistake. I now have found about 8 to 10 ufo's that I started working through today. I also sorted all my scrap fabric into colour ways to make a scrap quilt, after the UFOs are finished. I finished satin stitching the dragon below.
Made the little girls quilt, pictured with some embroidery that I finished yesterday (the colour looks terrible in this photo, it is really purple and turquiose,) I finished 2 hand towels for my mum, and decided on the layout for the black and read ufo above. I have 3 embroideries that I need to decide what to do with and have about 20 coasters waiting to be pinned and sewn. I also have 3 other small quilt tops that need to be finished. No wander I am tired. I will post as I finish each UFO. Wish me luck, Im going to need it.


Tracy said...

Nice to see you getting back into it :)

Eva said...

They look great Sue, I knew you could do it!!!

Gina said...

Oh good luck friend! Love what you are doing, so pretty!